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Knowledge Group of Companies was established in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We pride ourselves in having a professional, creative, and enthusiastic team. In the last 21 years, we have evolved from being just a training and conference organiser to a business that brings together the ecosystem to a tech platform. We work with Regulators, Investors, Corporates, Enablers and Start-Ups to create a sustainable learning journey in major technology verticals like Fintech, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, InsurTech, Smart Manufacturing, E&E Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Procurement and HR Technologies. Through this ecosystem building, we came to a realisation that everything needs to be co-created with the relevant stakeholders.

Let’s Co-Create!


Planting your initials out there can be a tricky and sticky situation without a roadmap. We’re your one stop place; gathering thriving collaborating opportunities with favourable occurrences for corporate, public and private industry players networking to develop relationships for further ventures in your industry.

Conjuring conferences and seminars by leveraging the current observations of the worlds’ happenings to ensure we remain significant and factual lined with today’s business environment. All ecosystem players under one roof sharing their expertise and various insights accustomed to present matters.

Small bites lead to the whole spread. Working with local governments, private sectors, start-ups, technology players and ecosystem game changers on various informal gatherings giving like-minded communities the chance to connect, discuss and network with one another technologically.

Bringing invigorating hackathon events to the forefront of the community involving members of the community collaborating to solve problems. Our hackathons are used as a powerful innovation tool for organisations to create shareable solutions to a common problem faced.

Learning can now be done from the comfort of your own home. Taking the conference world by storm, we are holding webinars on the latest advancements to plague the world in every industry! We aim to educate our delegates on how they can be part of and thrive with the changes they may face in the near future in their respective industry through our first class webinars!

Organizing a network is what we do best! Conspiring with various minds locally and internationally, we target to deliver tailor-made outcomes in accordance with your proposed objectives. We aim to produce innovative and fresh ideas to the table in line with the transformative world and industries all year round.

Our corporate in house training aligns with the training needs of any industry and the continuity goals of the business. We customize our training based on the needs of individual companies ensuring a bespoke experience. Our training can be brought directly to your doorstep in coordination with the values and cultures of the organisation.

Enhancing your professional’s worth to an organisation with our certification courses. With world class trainers to provide training, upskilling and reskilling of the workforce, professionals will stay in line with the latest trends and technologies in the industry!