cosulting serviceKnowledge Group Consulting Sdn Bhd is a management consulting company within the Knowledge Group of Companies, operating throughout the Asia-Pacific region from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our vision: to be Asia-Pacific’s most respected management consulting team – making a difference.

Five words we focus on in our consulting, educating and training, Management – Leadership – Governance, plus Accountability and Discipline, are the pillars of lasting success. High performance organisations embrace these concepts and the tools by which they are delivered; they are basic requirements and when combined with common sense, they are force multipliers for sustainable competitive advantage in the battle for the marketplace.

Our services have proven themselves over time and represent a powerful return to fundamentals, rather than fads. You cannot be successful without some of these tools; you enhance your success – make your quantum leaps – by adopting all of them: strategic and business planning, strategic and operational risk management, strategic asset management, succession planning and talent pool development, leadership and strategic thinking, project management and project evaluation, performance and process improvement, business remodeling, board governance advisory, business recovery planning and family business planning.