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The East West Banks ODP is designed to give all junior officers the fundamental skills needed in coaching, leading and managing change at work place. in a financial institution. A module on finance is incorporated to give these officers an overall understanding of the fundamentals of finance This program is required for all junior and new junior officers, who should complete the program within a period of 24 weeks. Upon completion of this program, the officers can continue their learning journey through the ODP 2.0 which will have 3 other modules that will focus on real-life application of the modules that was covered in ODP 1.0. A work place project will be assigned to each participant of ODP 2.0.

4 modules of Officer Development Program 1.0 consists of with pre- and post -work per module; Each cohorts consists of 25 participants.

Module 1

Performance Management and Coaching

Comprehend the broader perspective of performance management and how it is aligned to the organization’s vision and values.

Module 2

Finance for Bank Officers

Nothing in the business world moves without fundamental knowledge of finance. This module aims to enlighten the managers on finance matters that effects the bank.

Module 3

Managing Change @ Workplace

What is change, agree on why/what/how changes help to  achieve business and strategic goals and learn to communicate  all the changes.

Module 4

Managing and Leading Teams

Getting the most out of your team and using team diversity to build performance.