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Big tech companies have grown tremendously over the past few years. They have completely changed the way we use technology in our daily lives. Their dominance is attributed to the superior use of technology in their respective fields. The big tech companies have understood user sentiments and delivered products and services according to their needs. New emerging companies can learn a lot from the big tech companies as to how to understand the market and tap into new market segments and become a leader in them. Technology industry in the emirate has grown during the pandemic, as it kept its borders open and vaccinated aggressively. What does it take for organizations to become the next big tech company? This session will provide powerful insights on current trends and highlight innovative technology to help today’s institutions transform themselves to serve consumers now and into the future and compete with today’s world.

Panel Discussion: Executing Short Term Wins And Long-Term Transformation With AI
Case Study: Accelerating Innovation With AI & Cloud- Powered Intelligent Edge
Panel Discussion: Bridging Our Physical and Digital Worlds

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