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This workshop focus on simulating the real-world business scenarios where Learners are required to provide real-time feedback to every business decision across the duration of the workshop. Learners will form a team of between 3 to 5 persons, where each of the Learner will be assigned to different roles to enable them to make real-life decisions when the game is run. Each Learner will have to face the challenge to bring their company into profit in which we will measure the performance base on different Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Some example of KPI’s uses are;

i. Nett Profit
ii. Profit Margin
iii. Sales Revenue (Each for Retails, B2B, e-Commerce and Customer Service)
iv. Operating Expenses
v. Overflow charges
vi. Late Shipment
vii. Production
viii. And many more.

The Learner will play a progressive game from Day 1 to Day 4 to cover all aspects of the business that cover up to 13 departments within an Enterprise. Using the role-play, each Learner will be able to understand the impact of X on Y and therefore, able to understand what is the decision being make and why it is being made. The game will normally run over a period of 130 virtual days and each virtual day will typically take for 60 to 90 seconds. The learning process is exciting, intuitive, with the time pressure to make a decision. Learning will also be using Excel or visualization tools to analyze business outcomes.


This course will bring the Learner into a different level of engagement with real-world business simulation. Learner will be able to visualize the outcome of certain decisions when they make the decision as well as the impact on their business. The cause and effect are visible within a short period of time and not months. This will help broaden the spectrum of learner’s understanding in making a similar business decision when the learner returns to the company. In MonsoonSIM, a learner can play different roles in a game and that will allow the learner to be exposed to the challenges, both positive and negative while the role played in that position. Eg; What will a procurement manager do when he did not receive the correct information before making a purchase decision and what happens to a Warehouse Manager who faces the overstocking issues. The course objectives are to bring the learner to be;

  • Able to analyze and understand the various business decision making into the impact of the company, especially in business sustainability and Cash flow management.
  • The importance of an ERP system in helping the company runs effective control of all the business processes and data for various KPIs analytics.
  • The impact of inter-departmental communication and the importance of making sure that the company has a clear interdepartmental communication protocol on top of the ERP system.

Very basic business knowledge and able to operate any Internet Browsers over a laptop or any tablets computer.

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