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Join us in this 8th webinar series to get insights on the market access and funding options available during this difficult times, COVID – 19 with key industry players from MDEC, MaGIC and HLX. The discussion will focus on the issues stated below:

  • Context of situation as startups move out of MCO
  • Issues and challenges both broadly as well as zooming into examples of industry most affected
  • What are MDEC/MAGIC/HLX’s plans in extending lifeline/support for startups?
  • What can startups do: How to plan for requests of financial backing/extra runway/fund raising especially since it is currently zero income/loss making at the moment?
  • What trends/market signals that can be opportunities that startups should pay attention to/consider?
  • Throwing in uncertainties in all plans moving forward – the economy is not going snap right back; how is that looking for the ecosystem?
Moderator & Panellists