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Strong HR leadership is critical to a company’s ability not just to survive, but to thrive. The nature of work is changing and employees expect organizations to keep up. More than ever, business leaders need HR to be proactive and creative partners, as they work together to address changing business strategies and ways of working in a post-pandemic workplace—a workplace that should enable flexibility and wellbeing while promoting innovation, collaboration and productivity. This event will provide a perfect platform for identifying path breaking innovations, evolving people practices and cutting-edge technologies that shape Work, the Worker and the Workplace. Delegates will get a chance to explore the solutions and big ideas that will define success in the new world of work. The pandemic has transformed the role of HR drastically across the globe. The unprecedented disruption has resulted in the WFH and Hybrid work culture in organizations. Here comes the role of technology, the organization that can leverage Human Potential exponentiated by technology will succeed in the race. We offer the platform for our delegates to discuss how to leverage technology to the fullest potential to shape the workplace and learn about the latest and most relevant Work Tech solutions.

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, Mercer ran an analysis of their data from the Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) and found that 49 per cent of HR executives are women, while 53 per cent work in managerial positions. The survey featured responses from almost 600 companies across multiple sectors with over 300 of those reporting on gender data.Putting women in high-ranking HR functions could be crucial to continue the UAE’s gender balance push in the workforce. Addressing issues in labor representation will entail redesigning hiring strategies, but more importantly ensuring an inclusive work culture with more policies influenced by diverse talent management.

  • What are the challenges that women leaders in HR face today?
  • What does the future of HR like?
  • What can companies do to be more diverse and inclusive in their hiring strategies?

What HR means nowadays became very clear during the Corona period. Employees in this area are no longer just recruiters and administrators. They are consultants and companions, crisis managers, digitalization, and learning experts. They give employees a voice in the company and are at the pulse and heart of the organization. Capturing the voices and moods in the company and assessing the quality of the employee experience is no longer intuitive, but will be even more data-based in the future. To do this, HR is developing processes and tools to gather feedback and understand what employees need to feel good, be productive, and be willing to work collaboratively. 

  • What are the new and creative ways to attract and retain talent in an organization?
  • What are the tips to redesign workspace and workflow?
  • How to measure talent in a hybrid work scenario?

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    HR-TECH MIDDLE EAST 19 MAY 2022 @ 10.30 AM - 12.00 PM ZOOM_ONLINE
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