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Programme Overview

The Importance of People

There’s no lack of resources available to secure a network. From HW/SW solutions to third-party services, the marketplace is full of options. Yet, for all of the talk of technology-based solutions, the threat of cyber-attack continues to grow. When securing an information system, we can’t forget about the “wetware”. For too long, people have played a supporting role in the ­ght against cyber crime, under-utilized in the defense of our information systems.

95% of Data Breaches Are Due to Human Error

With so many attacks due to human error, the need for a better training solution is apparent. Are your employees helping or hurting your cybersecurity e‑orts? What role is your IT team playing in securing the organization? The resources are there, but a more holistic approach to educating our security teams is needed.

Prevent, Detect, Respond & Evolve

A varied and sophisticated threat requires a varied approach. Traditional training programs have focused on specifi­c aspects of securing a network, failing to equip security professionals to act before, during and after and attack. Organizations today need a training solution that prepares professionals to act throughout the attack spectrum.

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Programme Overview

Strategic sourcing is the fundamental building block of modern procurement practice. While there are a number of certifications for procurement there is not one specific certification for strategic sourcing until now.

Corporation particularly in Asia are usually suspicious of the usefulness of certifications that are North American or European-based. They are usually seeking certifications link directly to capability to perform on the job. The Certified Strategic Sourcing Professional (CSSP) qualification fills this need. It is a unique qualification in that it can be obtained either through a single exam successfully completed or through an approved project application. This ability to obtain a qualification through application of the knowledge is welcomed by corporations seeking to impact the bottom line or to improve the use of government funding.

To become a certified professional in strategic sourcing, it is necessary to master a wide range of competencies from marketing business analysis through custom financial analysis and strategic negotiating skills, not to mention the capability to manage supplier relationships over many years.

In fact today strategic sourcing is typically carried on by a team rather than an individual. For this reason another requirement for a strategic sourcing professional is the ability to manage upwards and with peers across an organisation.

An internationally accepted certified is of great value to both an individual and to an organisation and through its ability to add value to the mission forward to the bottom line of an organisation. Provided by the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA), the certification is recognized and value intentionally.

Be Valued

The CSSP designation distinguishes professionals of excellence in industry practices in strategic sourcing.

Be Recognized

The CSSP program certifies the capability to deliver enormous value to the organization, resulting in best cost, quality, managed risk, sustainability, supply continuity, capital preservation, and strategic supplier relationship.

Be Certified

The strategic sourcing discipline is applicable to all major procurement activities. Besides procurement professionals, CSSP also recognizes strategic sourcing competencies of marketing, legal, information technology, and human resource practitioners engaged in purchasing and contracting.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is an intensive process of developing and implementing highly advantageous supplier agreements for all externally purchased goods and services, as well as continuously managing supplier relationships to achieve corporate goals.

Strategic sourcing capabilities are needed today more than ever as companies worldwide face new challenges from natural disasters to shifting economic power on local and international levels, and increasing competition.

Now is the time to recognize the capabilities of qualified professionals who have acquired the CSSP designation.