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​Health-Tech 2022 Meetup is the Middle East’s most interactive meeting for healthcare professionals creating a critical platform for a dialogue focusing on business models and innovation that is disrupting the industry. This meetup will highlight many best practices in the healthcare landscape, transformation solutions in healthcare, emerging trends in the industry, and new health tech to stay relevant in your profession in a challenging and complex operating environment. According to Global Market Insights, the Digital Health Market size exceeded USD 141.8 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow by over 17.4% between 2021 and 2027. The market growth is attributed to the growing popularity of healthcare IT. Many private and public institutions have already moved to the wave of IT adoption by fully digitizing their entire enterprise. Also, digital health technology enables smarter choices, allowing people to spend more time on tasks they deem valuable, thus fundamentally transforming the market space.

  • Discuss how AI is becoming increasingly essential for care coordination and enables clinicians to serve at the top of their license, and avoid burnout.
  • Identify what it means to have good data and where the data gaps are for delivering optimal patient care. The UAE Ministry of Health (MoHAP) has established the country’s Unified Medical Record System to help the public and private facilities collaborate on patient medical records and clinical details. What main advantages do you see in this initiative? How do you manage the flow of data?
  • Evaluate costs of inaction for patients, providers, and payers from the perspective of care outcomes and patient experience.
  • To what extent are hospitals in the GCC in a process of digital transformation – using IT to fundamentally change the way they work?
  • IoMT (internet of medical things) and 5G are technologies that are penetrating the healthcare world. What trends do you think will change the healthcare system as we know it today?
  • How do you see the changes in technology and business post-pandemic?

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