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Excel and Up-scale your soft skills using MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Simulation Platform;

  • Learn ERP in a ‘Fun’ way
  • Upscale your ERP Knowledge
  • Acquire soft skills in ERP
  • Practice learn and improve your business strategy. Execute your leadership skill
  • Experience Why & How to run a successful team in a company
  • Experience Why & How to make data driven decision
  • Learn How to use Business Intelligence (BI) in workplace
  • Total RM10,000 prize money for grab!

The DDD Challenge is a built in competition within 2-days of workshop for the working adults.

The competition is based on KGC-Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) is a powerful business training platform. The simulation covers twelve (12) business concepts all wrapped into one simple, step-by-step evolving 8 hour business game. Participants will be competing with the other teams to run their virtual company. To win the game, you will be forced to deal with practical business to learn the business concepts without realizing it.


Knowledge Group would like to introduce MonsoonSIM experiential Learning platform to the participants of NextBigTech Asia to enhance the overall understanding of the key business processes that touches our daily business routine.

Learn the following in a competitive yet fun way:-

How the cost of materials is affecting our final Cost of Goods Sold?

How Forex is affecting our next purchase?

How we could make use of Blanket purchase to take advantage of the low cost now?

Which marketing program is effective?

How do we deal with company most precious assets, the HR?


The KGC DDD Challenge is open to all working adults who are registered for our Knowledge Group and MonsoonSIM – Workshop

One company is allowed to form one team only for this workshop

Open to all working adults form South East Asian countries