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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification is for instructors who want to verify they have attained a standard of excellence in the training field. CTT+ validates the knowledge and use of tools and techniques necessary for successfully teaching in today’s learning environments. Earning the CTT+ certification designates you as an exceptional trainer in your field. As an instructor, you not only have to plan engaging classroom lectures, practice tasks, and exams, but you must also be a knowledgeable and effective communicator. CTT+ certification provides comprehensive training standards to validate your skills in a traditional or virtual classroom environment and ensures that you can teach effectively and step up to the front of the class with confidence.

  • CTT+ is trusted by leading organizations
    – Corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, and Ricoh accept CompTIA CTT+ as proof that an instructor is qualified to teach their programs.
  • CTT+ lets you teach with confidence
    – CompTIA CTT+ validates that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare, present, facilitate, and evaluate a training session. By requiring a video submission of the training session instruction as part of the certification, CTT+ ensures candidates have effective teaching skills.
  • CTT+ verifies essential teaching modalities
    – In a survey conducted by the Training Associates, 87% of respondents use instructor-led training (ILT) as a primary learning modality. Moreover, 74% of organizations take a blended approach to learning, augmenting ILT delivery with either a mobile, video or social component. Earning a CTT+ certification can validate your skills as a top trainer in a virtual or physical classroom.
  • Training Consultant
  • Career ​Technical Training ​Instructor
  • Training ​Developer / Instructor
  • Academic ​Instructor

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