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The Account Officer Development Program is a modular program to equip Junior Account Officers (including new recruits with no relevant work experience) from Basic to Advanced Level in Credit Skills and Competencies. This program has three stages namely: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, with an expected time of 3 years to complete.

Such comprehensive and structured program aims to:

  • Equip the learners with the credit risk assessment skills, financial analytical competencies and business acumen.
  • Guide learners in approving loans within established risk appetite and credit policies.
  • Lead the account officers in a structured and professional work-and-study in advancing and progressing in a career as a credit professional.
  • Develop and shape the account officers in delivering relevant and sustainable recommendations in competitive and challenging markets.
  • Continuously train and update account officers on the skills, knowledge and insights, to ensure standard and uniform application of credit policies and quality assurance.
  • Study part-time while working, giving the learners the much-needed growth in skills development and career transformation.

Level 1

Module 1 : Credit Environment and the Lending Process
Module 2 : Basic Credit Skills
Module 3 : Basic Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
Module 4 : Cash flow Lending
Module 5 : Qualitative Analysis on Business and Management
Module 6 : Industry Analysis
Module 7 : Credit Writing Skills
Module 8 : Sales & Marketing

Level 2

Module 1 : Advanced Financial Analysis Techniques
Module 2 : Related Parties relationship and Transactions
Module 3 : Creative accounting and its impact
Module 4 : Financial Forecasting and Modeling
Module 5 : Signs of Business and Credit Failure
Module 6 : Sales & Account Management

Level 3

Module 1 : Loan Portfolio Management
Module 2 : Loan Syndication
Module 3 : Hedging Credit Risk
Module 4 : Sales & Marketing