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Professional Conference Organizer

Who will be a better partner as your Professional Conference Organiser than a company with a solid 21 years of experience. At Knowledge Group of Companies, we partner with clients to establish their conferences, summits and exhibitions. We deliver the full spectrum of work from conceptualization to accomplishment of your events.

Knowledge Group Consulting

Knowledge Group Consulting Sdn Bhd is a management consulting company within the Knowledge Group of Companies, operating throughout the Asia-Pacifi­c region. Our consulting business is built based on the ecosystem that we are involved in i.e. Fintech, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, InsurTech, E&E Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Procurement and etc.

In-House Programme

In our business, we back our instructors 100 percent as they are recognised leaders in their respective fields of expertise with extensive knowledge accrued over the years of real-world experience and instruction.

Certification Programme

Knowledge Group of Companies collaborates with certification bodies, institutions of higher learning and universities throughout the region to bring the best talent to work. Our collaborations attest to our ability to be part of a proven network of trainers, lecturers and facilitators which gives us the edge to pioneer learning experience.